Saturday, August 26, 2006

vettayadu vilayadu (review)

I will try my best not to be a spoil sport , by spilling the beans over the story and the suspense .
I will as usual come straight to the pluses and minuses and the feel of the movie

Kamal , jyothika and the rest of the crew ( most of them though) .
Music ( songs and the background score)
Raviverma s camera nd the locales he s been successful to capture , and make the city stay in
our eyes.
Gautham's treatment and the editing that gives a totally different feel of the movie ..


The villain though portrayed in a manner close to that of kakka kakka , doesnt impress u as
much. Its a role hat jevan has left a deep impression and needs a better effort to redo the
The second half drags for some time , b4 kamal and jo 's life takes a diff turn.

Overall the movie is worth ur money but leaves u wanting for more from the director who gave us the "kakka kakka"
U can't help but go in with sky high expectations when u see the ppl involved behind the script.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kabhi Alvidha Na Kehna (review)

I would prefer to get straight to the topic cuz i wouldnt like to spoil anyone's party( if u could call it that ) . Well the script seems to be more mature in terms of content. And the problem (or advantage ) with movies made on human relationships is that, it will be accepted when u have people who can associate with them . So the movie seems to be just aiming at the urban audience.

The movie seems to be almost right except the overemphasis about a particular situation now and then . It s a nice movie if u r the type who doesnt demand a movie with the script racing away . Its quite medium paced with a neat flavour .

+ 's

Grandeur of the movie ( thats bound to b there when the johars and the chopras are producing it)
Music ( esp the bgm , seems to haunt u the way dil chahta hai did)
Performance of the lead artisites( baby b seems to carry the movie!)

- 'S

drags a bit
u feel u have seen the treatment before

This is all i can say about the movie w/o revealing most of the script .
the plus and the minus will make u enjoy the plus and overlook the minus cuz u ll expect it to be worse but it wont