Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Soon

Blogging very often is a euphemism for being jobless, well atleast to me. Cuz i always get these "idea lightning" (like our very own IDEA Mani, nothing about Bacchan Jr) but fail to give the same pleasure to you guys.

Disregarding everything I said above, I planned a new coming soon section
By this, you either get to know what you would be reading in my space soon, or atleast know what i wanted to write here .

Janathipathikku Manu series (Which literally translates to petition to the President)

Semma Chappa Ads (IPL is waking up the ad critic in me. Mind numbing ads)

Snaptu Review. (Snaptu is the Symbian App that has all the functionality under one roof)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nithyananda episode

Ok now, he is in the news for all the reasons people dont know him for!
I have a different take on this. Why would Sun network air it without a censor ?
What statement did he make against MK or his family or Kalanithi and his family ?

I feel the media makes or breaks the society today. If only Sun Network had shown a little more discretion in airing this on TV(let me remind you that the viewers belong to all age groups)

Is it something that never happens in TN ? Why are we so emotionally driven that we burn effigies cuz he sleeps around ?
Haven't we seen the politicians of TN do this but still get spared cuz of the clout they have?
Does it mean that people who havent gotten into such a controversy the next RAM avtar of INDIA ?

Too many questions and too little definitive answers.

We must respect one's privacy is all i can say at this juncture. Why do we have this unstoppable urge to peek into one's personal life ?

Worst case they unearth this, I strongly feel they shouldnt be airing this on visual media ...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thats how much i travel everyday

View Journey to Office in a larger map

I know I must have been crazy to trace this on a map. But voila it was fun doing it. Atleast more fun that riding on a bike this long(I dont want you guys to see the irritated side of me by talking about the car drive this long.)

If you guys have noticed I have a better insight on the roads and areas in bangalore then the accolades must reach my company !