Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inspite of having 3 of its products, I believe Apple hates me.

Over the last week, my entire RSS list has been full of Apple's new features with its Mountain Lion OS. I was quick to jump and purchase the $20 upgrade. 

I loved the features and the upgrades that seemed to get OS X closer to iOS in terms of various features and extended use to iCloud to create a consistent experience across devices. 

Something that has always peeved me has been Apple's tendency to control the way I should be using my computer. It reminds me of my mom when I was 6th grade. The safari browser now lacks the RSS button as Apple thinks RSS is a passé. Apple's strength over the years has been its reliance, or the lack of it on market research when it comes to design and features. Now another freak act to remove the RSS button sometimes feels that you are not considered when they make decisions for you. 


Restore The RSS Button To Safari With This Simple Extension | Cult of Mac:



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