Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brazil v/s Ghana

A moment of Ronaldo class and a controversial Adriano goal helped give Brazil a 3-0 win over Ghana on Tuesday but their path to the World Cup quarter-finals was far from smooth.

Ronaldo struck after five minutes but Ghana piled on the pressure and exposed the world champions' defence on several occasions before Adriano broke their hearts, if not their spirits, in first-half injury time.

Midfielder Ze Roberto added the third in the 84th minute when he slipped the Ghanaian offside trap once more.

Ghana ended the match with 10 men, striker Asamoah Gyan sent off in the 81st minute when he collected his second yellow card for a dive.

Brazil, seeking a fourth successive final appearance and a sixth triumph, now face Spain or France, who meet in the last remaining second round game later.

Record Goal

Brazil got the ideal start when Kaka sprung the offside trap with a pass into the path of Ronaldo and the striker bamboozled Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingston with a quickstep dummy before tucking in his 15th World Cup goal, overhauling the record he shared with Germany's Gerd Mueller.

Ghana, without suspended midfield inspiration Michael Essien, looked in disarray in the first 20 minutes but gradually settled to attack the shaky heart of the Brazilian defence and create a series of chances that had the world champions rattled.

Matthew Amoah should have scored but scuffed his shot in front of goal after 24 minutes and John Mensah then met a corner with a perfect downward header that Brazil keeper Dida somehow kept out with his foot.

Ghana were then stunned on the break with a controversial goal as Kaka fed the overlapping Cafu, making a Brazilian record 19th World Cup finals appearance.

Adriano was well offside at that point but play continued as he had not collected the ball but he was certainly involved, and probably still marginally offside, as he drove into the six-yard box to nudge home his captain's low cross.

The Ghana players protested to no avail as did their Serbian coach Ratomir Dujkovic, who was sent to the stands for his troubles.

The last remaining African side in the competition did well to come out fighting, with Gyan forcing Dida into a good diving save after 69 minutes.

FiFA and technology

I know the title never sounds like antonyms , but in reality it persuades u to feel this way . WHy does FIFA shy away from Technolgy thats begging to be used . U have almost all games that seek the help of technology for corroboration of the on field evidence but the game which involves teh maximum money shies away from it .Huge paradox !
U have the penalty to Italy , today's Adriono's Offside , and even the Cafu's offside and what not . In a day u can get more than half a dozen instances that make the game more unfair and susceptible to humar error. Over all why will i ever forget the "Hand Of God " ( ya we never had he tech those days as we have now. )

If its the time constraint that FIFA has in its mind , very sorry , we can watch a game for 2 or even 2.5 if its played fairly with stop timers. That shouldnt be the barrier in a game that involves huge money and the public sentiment .

All we want is a good game of football thats fought fairly. When wil this strike to FIFA or if i am not well informed abt the reason , please comment

KODAK C340(Great camera sans battery life )

Rating of this Product:
Recommendation of this Product: Yes
Picture Quality:
Ease of Use:
Value for Money:
Shutter Speed:
Battery life:
Pros: worth the money
Cons: drains teh battery
I bought it for around 12 k . Got a 256 Mb card free along with it .
I have been very satisfied with this camera , and a good option for camera in this range.
U have to choose teh dealer u r gonna buy from as additional costs for accessories and battery or may be the memory card can be avoided.

1) Great picture clarity
2) Good shutter speed
3) audio playback strong in videos
4) Good red eye reduction via camera
5) lot of options to shoot during various situations like beach , sports etc that sets the modes regarding pixel quality etc all by itself
6) Good kodak sofware that hass average no of alteration modes

2) Bad battery back up . This applies when u r using the standard duracell type batteries . BUt when u ue the NiMH batteries as recommended by KODAK , it lasts 100 fotographs . U get low cost batteries in gray market and that is worth the money . but never use teh standad eveready or duracell batteries . It last for less than 10 fotografs
3) Video quality is not good .

Purchase Price (INR): 12000

Monday, June 26, 2006

Italy v/s asutralia ( shell shocked)

All u could shout out at the 95+ min was "what the F@#$" .Its not just u or me , it wud have been the reaction of most of the people other than the Azzuries. When Italy more or less dominated the 1st half half and the half went goalless and then the socceroos had the ball rolling for them for most of the second half , i think the game deserverved a better finish than the what we saw . It was a damp squib in terms of the poor refreeing .
This is what i am blogging immediately after watching the match , so i think u guys need to stand the intensity that may ooze outta this .
Ya i had to bow to the bad red card decision against the italians but that by no means equalise the decision for the penalty in the final seconds of the match.
If u guys havent seen a match that changed in teh final seconds on the half , then this was a perfect illustration of what a goof up by the refree can lead to . The commentaors ( harsha bhogle and Co ) were equally shocked by the refree's decsion. One of them said that he had seen such incidents of playing for the penalty and earning it many a time in the italian and the spanish league. He did the same thing here , a person with a kinda ok sight could spot that that totti earned the penalty and tripped when he could have easily crossed the defender.

If u thought that azzuries would have had a cake walk b4 the match started , then u r highly mistaken , cuz it was the strategic cheating that got them thru.
Its not that i didnt want them to win , its just that , i wanted such an enthralling encounter be given its due respect , and finished in a manner where the winning side can take pride in its victory .

for more on that read the following article on CNN IBN

Sunday, June 25, 2006


For a person who didnt like the theme parks to one who wants to go there within a week's time , its wuite a huge turn around.It could have been the low quality if theme parks that i had been earlier that may have turned me off. I have abstained from visiting the ones that have sprang up offlate. But this place (Wonderla) thats about 28 km drive from b lore, is the one that turned my opinions on these theme parks . Its got a wide gamut of dry( scray) ones and the water (enjoyable ) ones.

These just take responsibilty that the child within u peeps out . The hygiene in the park is something that needs to be lauded for. For a place thats full of water and foot marks they have invested quite a few people ro maintain its neatness. I personally enjoyed the water games and refrained from those scray twists and turns that are engineered magnificently. I'd prefer to keep the blog short cuz its more fun to be than to read .But for first timers , there is 1 thing i'd recommend .Other than the rides , dont miss the cine magic and the Bird's eye giant wheel . The cine magic seems to be simulated to perfection that gives u a 1st hand experience of a bumpy ride and then teh giant wheel is sth thats better experienced than said .

At last i think this trip was a wonderful equaliser , in terms of real life nervous ppl seemed to possess more courage whereas the alleged brave ones seemed to chicken out ( as i did )

Monday, June 12, 2006


If u have heard all the bad reviews on puduppettai and u were searching for the 1 good review , u have followed the right link . This is nt an effort to buck up a losing movie cuz its collected more than invested and isnt a loss in any propotion , its just what i feel abt the movie and a person who is ready to provide u realistic movies at the cost of his image .
Yeah i mean selvaraghavan . He has totally broken the tamizh cinema "sampradhayam " to give u a realistic portrayal , rather an insight into a gangster's life . I wont be givin u a summary of what the story or the plot is like , cuz i think its a journey thru a person's life . Just when i thought that i'll start giving just the pluses and the minuses of a movie , i feel like giving more on his movie .

Now all the compalints about the movie can be , why will person do like this ?
how can a person be so ruthless?
What makes him do this ?
where does this rage come from?

People who havent liked the movie always find it tough to relate themselves to this character and find a lot of such unanswered questions . But the foremost thing u need to do is know that he is a gangster and u r not . So u obviously won't be able to associate urself with him. With this in mind , if u step into the theatre u r bound to enjoy the visual treat .

here is a link who asks so many questions .
But please u need to know what happens to their life b4 we shoot out these kinda questions . U know that prostitutes an subject to inhumane treatment and this has been in media . It just makes me wonder how can a famous website be so naive .

Now to the + and the +


1) Arvind krishna's offbeat cinematography . He just rox with never seen b4 kinda visuals. He
Single handedly gives ur ticket's worth .Be it wide lens shots or teh dawn and dusk shots ,
2) Yuvan shankar raja is a major factor y ppl thronged to theatres cuz his music was a sensation
much b4 the movie released .
3) Selva's bold narration and characterisation.
4) Dhanush's performance .


1) Length of the 2nd half
2) Climax that glorified the villian

But to me i feel that this is the 1st movie where the gangster is treated as a gangster and not a godfather who helps the poor outta trouble . The life span of a gangster is 10 yrs at the max and this accentuates the same.
I have to applaud selva for his bold script and realistic portrayal . He jas it in him to turn the tables of tamizh cinema