Saturday, December 26, 2009


I am ready to give anything to feel this free again. Just that time's moved on and i haven't. From a person who always wanted to be ahead of time to this position, lot has changed

(PS: I tried mobile blogging this and it got directed to the wrong place :D)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Me 4years back and NOW

Times change and so do we along with it.
Either i am aging pretty fast or my expectations from movies are changing dynamically.

ME NOW AND 4 Years ago

I got up at 7 and finish up all the duties i do for myself and the society and then rush to Natraj Theatre to see if i am able to sneak in 6 tickets to a vijay's movie FDFS (i might forget the abbreviation next year)
And the odds are high that i wont get the ticket. So i would have to call up the useless friends(who let me jump into this and not help me out with this) if they are ok with the ticket price (black ....)I organize this whole entourage and then we have a time of our life watching the movie and then talking about it ..

Things now have changed so much to my dismay. I have not called my friends to see if they are available to go watch the movie.
I have reported to office earlier than normal days.
I dont browse the websites to see what they think of the movie.
And above all assuming i do go watch the movie today, i am pretty sure what the reaction would be among my friends - Just put the heads down and not talk about this movie for a while and then get on with something more interesting to talk about.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sneaking a Moment

"You know how much more packing I need to do ? " she calls out. "Ok lets finish this and then take the luggage to your aunt's house, before I drop you off at the station." This voice seems to be soothing to everyone who was born before and after 1980 except her.
XX (couldnt have thought of a better name for my female lead) needs to go to the civil services interview in Delhi and our Hero XY has to aid her from packing the to dropping her off at the station (nothing new).. ;)

So XY just drives back with XX to her aunt's place. The whole house is kicked about her dropping in before going for her all important interview. Oh can she hear XY's Mind voice
"Hope I get the all important drive to the station with her alone. Was a nice guy all this while for that one drive i get with you "
And VOILA he can hear her mind voice too
"They dont think you are going to drop them back and they are too old to come back alone."

He heaved a sigh of relief !!:D

The talks went on from the split in Andhra to the splitsville on MTV. Every new topic that cropped up out of the relative's mouth XY couldnt stop cursing the various media channels for giving them the up to date information

Right when it was time to leave the aunt who was the only probable spike strip in this love story has to offer to accompany them to the station.
XY could only think of being more judicious in reading the horoscope section in the newspaper earlier today.

So now in the car accompanying them are the aunt and uncle. All her life is there was something XX didnt wanna see more than getting jilted in the IAS interview was XY's face. The disappointed on his face was visible to only XX.

X> "Sorry sweetie. didnt expect them to come along."X>
In came a stranger unexpectedly in the form of a sms text :)
The msg didnt seem to cool his anger but he is the nice boy everyone wanted to be with
Y>"Your family is as good as mine. It should be alright"Y>
Came the reply.

X> "I am definitely going to miss the goodbye kiss(es)"X>

Now this seemed to cool the nerves. The msgs just flew all over like the sixes of Sehwag's bat (I believe in contemporary metaphors)

Even the creator of this blog is not sure if the aunt and uncle figured out that it was these 2 who kept texting each other sitting right beside each other in the car.

The dreaded Railway station was there and now XY had to behave like he dropped her just cuz his house was on the way.
He had to drop her off at the gate.

She goes in and he goes out (Dramatics)

She is about switch off the phone which is devoid of charge and is her only hope to wake her up next morning in the train.

She is waiting for a goodbye text while she could have done that herself.

Right when she was about switch of the phone

Y>"Its right when you leave do i feel like talking more to you, but like always i have nothing to talk."Y>

Sometimes EGO needs pampering atleast a little she felt. But its not always do you feel the pampering exceeding the expectations :)

PS: Completely inspired ;)