Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wow its thalaivar's book on the front stands on landmark . One of their best sellers make it to that stand. It was not an impulsive decision to buy it, wanted to own it since i got to know that there is one such book on rajini.
Feels great to own it and even better when u read through the whole book grasping every inch in a single day.
But the height of ego boost happens when u spot mistakes in the book;)

On the book i liked the way it was narrated. Felt like a movie.Kind of alternating between 3 phases in rajini's life , his childhood, entry to movies and finally his present life. These moods alternate and keeps to tight to the seat. Believe me its the only other book i finished this fast other than Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code (excuse me if u took it as a comparison between them , just shows my interest in knowing more about THALAIVAR)

The best part of the book lies where the author hasnt godified Rajni. Shows him just like another guy brought up in a way child would be in his circumstances.She seems to have followed rajni thru his growth in maturity.

Think its a good bet to own