Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Apple Adobe... LOL

This morning when i wanted to see the keynote from Steve jobs from the WWDC, I faced a weird error.
On normal days i wouldnt have noticed it. But over the last few months when we have been hearing so much of the Adobe - Apple face off , i couldnt help but laugh out on this.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nostalgia for the day!

Whoaaa. Just couldnt stop myself from blogging this one

Just found this after a long long time.
2 Really wonderful things that made my day when i was a kid.
Remember my classmate Aishwarya who use to sing this to the class and i enjoyed this max.

Just takes me back to my school days!

The other thing that comes to mind is the awesommmest Gounder when he tries to rescue Senthil from his suicide attempt.

These are nostalgic i must say

PS: Kindly ignore the costumes that the side kicks of Hasan Jahangir wear in this video

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Soon

Blogging very often is a euphemism for being jobless, well atleast to me. Cuz i always get these "idea lightning" (like our very own IDEA Mani, nothing about Bacchan Jr) but fail to give the same pleasure to you guys.

Disregarding everything I said above, I planned a new coming soon section
By this, you either get to know what you would be reading in my space soon, or atleast know what i wanted to write here .

Janathipathikku Manu series (Which literally translates to petition to the President)

Semma Chappa Ads (IPL is waking up the ad critic in me. Mind numbing ads)

Snaptu Review. (Snaptu is the Symbian App that has all the functionality under one roof)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nithyananda episode

Ok now, he is in the news for all the reasons people dont know him for!
I have a different take on this. Why would Sun network air it without a censor ?
What statement did he make against MK or his family or Kalanithi and his family ?

I feel the media makes or breaks the society today. If only Sun Network had shown a little more discretion in airing this on TV(let me remind you that the viewers belong to all age groups)

Is it something that never happens in TN ? Why are we so emotionally driven that we burn effigies cuz he sleeps around ?
Haven't we seen the politicians of TN do this but still get spared cuz of the clout they have?
Does it mean that people who havent gotten into such a controversy the next RAM avtar of INDIA ?

Too many questions and too little definitive answers.

We must respect one's privacy is all i can say at this juncture. Why do we have this unstoppable urge to peek into one's personal life ?

Worst case they unearth this, I strongly feel they shouldnt be airing this on visual media ...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thats how much i travel everyday

View Journey to Office in a larger map

I know I must have been crazy to trace this on a map. But voila it was fun doing it. Atleast more fun that riding on a bike this long(I dont want you guys to see the irritated side of me by talking about the car drive this long.)

If you guys have noticed I have a better insight on the roads and areas in bangalore then the accolades must reach my company !

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Review again!

I have been catching up with some movies lately. I seem to have come back to the normal path of watching (more) movies, but i know i still haven't come anywhere close to what i should or capable of !
Enough of some appraisal-type-talk. Lets get straight in !

Vinnathaandi Varuvaya - Cant help but start from this movie. Just watched it yesterday and cant get it out of my head. The movie is especially a great gift for a tamil audience that has given up (read embraced ) on the cliche ridden pseudo-creativity in its recent films.. The movie has a breezy feel to it. There is of course something usual with all Gautam movies, and that is Love at first sight. But on second thought you feel it better be this way, as they dont waste time getting into the plot.
Frame within a frame has always interested all of us, and this uses similar technique to keeps us glued. The lead pair was refreshing. Simbu for once impressed me. Trisha never fails to though ;)
They look fresh. Somehow looks like this movie is gonna make to head to the screen once again.
Now the thing that sets apart this love story from the rest are... the shades of grey with the lead characters.Trisha's character portrays that so damn well, and the commitment fear that is an integral part of any relations.  - Kudos portraying the characters this way instead of unakkaga-uyire-kuduppaen yaaaaaaaaawn style.

Goa - Venkat prabhu, who gave us Chennai-28 and Saroja somehow failed to give the same punch with this one. I looked at him as the next gen director who gives you loads of entertainment in an unconventional way. Here there is lot kalaaichal and no plot. The star of the previous movies, Premji is hackneyed and you canguess what his mannerism would be. Jai's english is kick-ass though. Yuvan seems to be diluting his work. Worth a single watch but nowhere close to the other venkat's flicks.

Tamil Padam - Awesome is the word. Tamil cinemas patents one of the maximum cliches. Nothing and noone has been spared. It is no lollu sabha and somehow keeps you engaged.
From the family song to the undercover police, rags to riches within a song, intro song etc the director takes care he does not spare you from falling off your seats. But a cliche that tamil padam also conformed to is the "Bambai" heroine.
I cant but not mention the scenes where the hero learn bharatnatyam in a day (Kaadhalan) and the tetra pack on "Kallippal"

Kutty - Mudiyala, valikkudu

Aayirathil Oruvan - What better movie to finish off this blog than AO. Ok here is a director who gives us what he would like to see as a movie. Agreed he doesnt do things subtlely. But this man seems to be one of the most creative script writers in the recent times. He seems to have taken us thru his trailblazing path. If most of the above movies were pure entertainers, this has loads of content. The issue is we have to realize that more the content, it begins to eat into the success. There is something similar with AO that way. He tries to package all the contents into one movie. I certainly loved the movie and have no complains. But if i would want him to gimme more movies like this one, then commercial viability is a must for his movies. This is when trimming parts of the movie helps.
But AO seriously is more of an experience than a movie

Sunday, February 07, 2010

All Clear Ad

With the number of mind numbing ads that are out today on media, if I made my living shaking off these ads, I would make a fortune.
But discipline is not part of my DNA and I cant be doing this on a regular basis as more often than not I would get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. But let me tell you the quantity of  chappe ads that are coming will provide you a living for the next 4 generations.

The quality of the video that I have embedded is bad as I couldnt find a nice one on youtube. Maybe they felt ashamed to post it on the web.
The high point is youtube would not let you embed the video here, maybe they knew i was coming

 Watch the video here

Give me a break. Now who pays so much to arrange the sets for these people to come and showcase their dandruff free hair.
Why would someone pay so much to come to the stage to display the dandruff on their hair.

The sequel to the ad would be the All Clear Body spray where Asin would call people on stage to .....

Monday, January 04, 2010

25 Vital questions you would ask yourself

 I was inspired to answer some of the questions that came up when i read this blog

 This piece was more of what I felt today and may not be the same always. But it felt nice to answer these questions though I feel it may be an impulsive and not what I would do when I encounter the situation.

What is it like to wake up every morning and pretend that you aren’t dying?
This has never crossed my mind. Its just the faith I guess. Or I think God is kind enough to not inform me prior to the event.

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

Not more than a couple of years, Cuz I cant believe someone would change the personality as often as I do. If they do I would call them psycho;) Contemplating it seriously I guess why wouldnt I want them to be with me always? 

Would you rather be rich and paralyzed from the waist down or poor and able bodied?
Poor and able bodied any day

What’s the most expensive gift you have ever received?  Is it the best gift you have ever received?
You wanna know the gift  ? I guess it is the best gift I could ask for other than a healthy and sound body n mind from parents.
OK wait a min. are we talking about gifts in hand or gifts for the mind. And to give you a clue it wasn't a material gift

When was the last time you lied?  Is it possible to lie without saying anything at all?
I feel I just lied before i wrote this blog(feel like its my breath) .I can lie when I sleep.

Stealing is immoral, right?  But what if stealing was the only way to feed a starving child?
I would steal the morals out of my mind. I am no strict disciplinarian. I would rather be imperfect and make people happy than be perfect and be unhappy

If I gave you $20, what percentage would you – really – save?  If I gave you $200,000, what percentage would you save?  Should there be a difference?
I guess the percentage would increase. I always spend less cuz than I should ;)

If someone could tell you the exact day and time that you are going to die, would you want them to tell you?
What i don't want them to tell me is how.
What i want them to tell me is how long I have. I have to create the bucket list and check the items on the list

If you found out you were going to die today, would you have any regrets?  Would you be happy with the way you spent the last 24 hours of your life?
 I am always happy . I guess I would have been happier meeting the people i love. Well the last 24 hrs.... I think i would settle for it.

What’s your single greatest moment of personal failure?  Looking back on it now, did it make you weaker or stronger?  What did you learn?

Learnt to make mistakes as they teach me more than what i learn when i dont make any

Do the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ mean not being persecuted or discriminated against, or do they mean doing whatever you please?
Means doing whatever I please as long as i dont step into someone else's personal space or liberty. But people seldom tell you when you do that but tell people who can do nothing about it.

Is it crazier to choose to be poor or to spend 40 years of your life hating 40 hours a week?
I ain't a person who'd look for happiness outside. I would start loving the hate

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time?  How many hours a week do you spend watching TV, or playing video games, or…?
I do feel I don't have enough time to do things I would want to do. 
I seldom do those recreational things listed above.

If you could be given another talent or ability, what would you want it to be?  Have you ever – really – tried to perfect this ability in yourself?
I would like to have understood my work better.
Yes and no for trying to better myself (I love these ambiguous statements;))

No matter how bad things get, are you aware that someone always has it worse than you do?
Oh yeah, but that makes me feel no better unless I meet the someone

When you help someone, do you ever think, “What’s in it for me?”

Joy is found with simple awareness.  What does your joy look like today?
Joy is doing well in all things I do.  Self satisfaction

What’s the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing?’
I live , My creativity and aspiration exists

Are you willing to sacrifice the life of your child or lover to support a war?
Not sure

Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know?
I try to ask as many as I can

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
Projecting myself to people. The first impression.

If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?
Story ends with a coming soon with the sequel
and the title would be, A man who made no enemies.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Movies I caught up lately.

Wasn't in a mood to give individual reviews. So felt like putting it all together !

Wake Up Sid ! -  Nice watch. Given a chance would watch it again. Finally we see on screen, something that is an issue to the urban youth. Not very tough to associate with a few characters. An indication that the Indian Cinema wants you to sit back and take notice.

3 Idiots - You can hear enough and more things in the media about the infringement of copyrights. But as a moviegoer who pays the 200 bucks (well yeah i went on a weekend) this is a darling. Feels good to enjoy a movie thoroughly in the theatre. The last time this happened to me was for Saroja !

Anne Hall - A movie recomended by a TV new reporter. It is supposed to be the 70s classic. So quite similar to India, if a movie is interesting we do get rehashes later. So i have seen far too many rehashes and then the original failed to leave a punch.

500 days of Summer - Its about a guy's 500 days with a gal named Summer. It is a very average movie and even brushes with Bad on occasions. But being in a flight often doesn't give a plethora of options and you gotta stick with the ones that are available. Strict MISS

Ugly Truth - Katherine Heigl is cute and Gerard Butler is a live wire. Movie is run of the mill romantic comedy where the opposite poles attract. But a nice watch anyhow. Kept me engaged.

Thoranai - Shriya is smashing. A strict NO again.

Eeram - Slick thriller. Shankar needs a pat on the back to have the balls to produce a movie with supernatural elements, in the era of people with the dude-its-the-computer-generation.

Pasanga - Post Anjali I would recommend this movie to go back to your childhood though its got a rustic feel to it. Very nice 

Nadodigal - Rocks is the only word though you wouldn't understand why the movie was heading nowhere till the climax pops up. Cant believe a megaserial-director worked on this movie. Why was he hibernating there ???