Wednesday, September 20, 2006


if u follow telugu movies closelt u r bound to come out of the theatre wiping ur face from bloodstains . Thats the minimum gurantee that u get when u haev 4 fights and 6 songs and lot of punch dialogues.
This movie comes as a repreive and u can actually come out fresher than u went in. The basis of the story is an over protective father and a wanna be independent son is really a bold attempt. I think the movies that revolve around relationships and human emotions are well appreciated when u can associate urself with any one of the characters.
i ll go ahead with the pluses and minuses


The lead cast . I would go ahead with a contest of which is the role that Prakash raj doesnt play to perfection . Sid fits the bill

Genilia unusually looks average and has acted well ( she usually is the opposite)

The screenplay and teh characterisation are the backbone to the movie


The love track and the blossoming of love b/n the lead cast cud have been better .

My recommendation is watch the movie