Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ephemeral life!!!

Why do awe about life's capricious nature? Why is that no-one ever came up with a mathematical formula on how to live life ? Because it would be like the whodunit with the murderer's name in the prologue. Life is also kinda movie and u know the hero would turn out smiling but the sting in the story is u don't know who the hero is . I would have to laud the risk analysts who try to predict the unpredictable life and negate the evanescence of it.
There is nothing in life thats going to come all the way with you to ur graveyard and even if something does,you would never know what it is , you can just speculate what it is . So why think expect something to come all the way in this whimsical life?
Ur comp stays faithful to u for a while and becomes laggard and so does ur automobile . There is wear and tear in the vehicle and so will it be in ur relations .Expecting a lot of things to stay till u do , is wee bit immature.
So being prepared to lose the best we presently have is the next to that best thing , that a mature mind can have and knowing this u would appreciate my blog name .
Like this is would probably be Tendulkar's last world cup , every good thing in life has a termination and asking it not to would make the good thing otherwise . Giving due respect to good things would help u have the best of good memories .

PS: This is one of the few things i wrote as and when i felt and this is very much visible in the scattered content in the text

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asin and me

Like her or hate her but you can never ignore her !!! Bhumika has been my uno for years till asin starred in POKKIRI . There isnt a song these days on tv where i dont watch her till the very end of it. Her whetting looks in pokkiri has made many a guy crazy about her and i fall in that majority of the population. Mostly in the songs like vasantha mullai and thamizh her killer looks takes the audience by surprise as we haven't hitherto seen this glamour quotient from her and she carries this off in style .
And the nail in the coffin for any young guy is the enticing expressions she serves on the platter in the songs and scenes.All you can do is you recoil your jaw back to normalcy as quick as possible before you get embarrassed . Corroborating to this i think she is one of the main stream actress who can act.

More on her i think she isn't that figure conscious emaciated soul and is attractive naturally with the right quantity of adipose at the right places . She has quite a few credits to her name. She has dislodged simran from my books as vijay's best onscreen pair. And it is a rare feat that she even makes me notice her more than vijay in songs (after the 20th viewing though).Vijay has his hands at the right place in tamil cinema.

PS: Bala i am sure u have no competition for 3sha and she is all urs.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ladies Coupe(the book) review

Ladies Coupe is a compartment in a train that is reserved exclusively for women. This compartment is safe, quiet and preferred by women who are either traveling alone (or traveling without a man). However, Akhila, the protagonist chooses to travel in a ladies coupe to discover herself.
Akhila is a 45-year-old single woman who belongs to a
conservative Brahmin family. She enjoys eating eggs, doesn’t do her prayers, makes love to a man who is much younger than her and gets upset when she sees the signboard at the ticket counter which says ‘Ladies, handicapped and senior citizens’.
he title in itself is very interesting to begin with. It’s in this compartment that five women of different age and family background come together and weave their own world. As the story develops, the Coupe turns into a place where five women share some of their life’s most private moments– about their childhood, their husbands, their sons and their lovers.
In each of the stories, it is clearly seen that all the five women have been victimised by the male-dominated society and each of these women have struggled, at some point, in their life to establish their own identity. Some failed, some succeeded and some managed to stay ‘afloat’.

‘Afloat’ – that is my favourite chapter in this book. I have never disclosed the plot or the story in my previous review and I don’t intend to do it now. However, I would like to mention that the simplicity of this chapter is what caught my attention. The narrator challenges herself to break the monotony of her life and assert her identity again. She succeeds and stays afloat.

The main character Akhila gets to peep into the lives of these women who also become companions in her journey. Like they say: It’s the journey and not the destination that matters. I am not sure if Akhila found the answers to all the questions that have haunted her for so long. But I am sure that by making an effort to find her answers, Akhila found a lot more than what she was searching for.

Any body can relate to this story. If you are a girl, live in India, fall in the age group that the society considers “eligible for marriage” and your resume is frequently circulated among relatives, and a family pandit – you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

The book is humorous, witty, serious, light hearted and thought provoking – all at the same time and I would suggest it to any body who wants to read a simple and well-written masterpiece.

Ring Road

Ring road epitomises more than just one thing.For some it may be one of the few roads in bangalore where you can drive your vehicle at speeds you can seldom imagine. For some its the hub of all the crime. And for a few its the road that is close to a desert where you have equal volumes of sand blowing at you .But recently i got to view another of its facets when i went to a movie through it. I, being an ardent movie buff was starving cuz of the sanctions that the karnataka rakshana vedike had put forward to retaliate the tribunal's verdict to release the water to TN. Well i thought i would put a halt to this(my starving for movies) and reached the multiplex well in time for the show . I had 2 other friends with me who would have not less than cursed me to have taken them along .Well i would prefer not to mention the name of the movie cuz i wouldn't like to rub them (Kar) on the wrong side. Well the movie apart, lemme continue to tell u what i set out to tell, the ring road.What could have lifted my sagging spirits after the movie better than the drive back on the ring road at 1 in the night .The 15 km stretch from PVR to marathalli was one of the few drives that I would cherish in bangalore.I by no means try to compare this to the best roads we have in the state(hinting at the bangalore mysore highway).But the metamorphosis of the road from the time we went to the movie and the whole facade of the road when we came back reiterated to us the capricious nature of the city life.The same street where traffic trickled slower than Jeffry Archer's books is now close to if not pacier than rajnikanath's movies.My bike for once seems to have enjoyed the speed.For people anywhere else other than bangalore ,can't appreciate this beautiful feeling cuz u havent experienced the sheer pleasure of the 9th wonder (bangalore's traffic).For many in bangalore may feel this is getting a bit more web space and attention than it requires ....
While going for the movie >> My spirit and traffic was high
:( While back my spirit was low but my bike can FLY!!!