Friday, October 09, 2009

Be who you are

If you ever hear the cliche about living life the way you are and never lie even when cornered to do so? its just a matter of time before they go through this.
Last week i visited the saloon and for a haircut.
Being the lazy chap i was i even decided to trim the facial hair.
This chap had a TV in the saloon and like most barbers in bangalore this chap was also a Gult.

We were watching an "interesting" telugu movie on gemini.
I enjoy hanging conversations that had no start and dont know where it will end , or for that matter i may not even remember what we talked.
Right when i had the foam on the face and he began the shave, he asked
MAGADHEERA NODDRA Sir, I had seen it and wasn't extremely happy to have seen it.
But the position i was in, and considering the stakes involved with it, a small lie or hiding you real opinion never seemed so tough.

So when you go through self help materials, write back to the author about what happened to me and would he have spoken the frank truth if he were in such a particular situation?