Friday, May 18, 2007


The sound of the train seemed to make his heart chug faster.He felt this was faster than even the train .His mind seemed to speak to him , " U CHOSE PLAN B IF ONLY U HAD THE COURAGE TO LEAD A LIFE " He knew he couldn't and this was the only logical hit-back he could give to all the the trough life had given him. Noone knows when u are born , but only a few get to enjoy seconds before the soul and body bid farewell and he was the elite few. The grin from ear to ear said it all.He planned to keep his hands to buttress his body.It was just less than a second,he could feel the train touching his skin and !!!!!! his head was the farthest from his body he had felt all life and David lay there lifeless.All he could do to feel better from the clutches of the cruel life was give it up. He talked all his life how relinquishing one's life was cowardly , but ended up on the other side of the debate when he started riding the trough.He thought just at the moment he could smell the train , well i am at the border of life and death and only a few get to feel it. George did know of his father's suicide but wasnt ready to let go of the train driver for not having taken last minute measures. He took all the pain to look for that guy and stabbed him a lot of times till he knew that guy was dead. George gave this gratified look, and thought he had accomplished something that the driver deserved all life. But what would the innocent driver do for the willing suicide of David.
Well if this was a story, the real life analogy of this isn t too far away. If u have been following cricket , India lose to Bangladesh in the world cup and then organise a tour and then screw up the minnows claiming it to be a revenge . The worldcup loss being the suicide and the recently concluded series being the revengeThe analogy between the 2 is not far away :D


Goda Ramkumar said...

Hey nice one da.....very nice description of a few moments in so many lines...but that analogy was like a bad climax....u could have put it as a separate blog not to spoil this one...:D

Venky said...

whatever be ur comment .
U have made my heart lighter ... It was vert tought to see this comments section empty for a couple of days

Bala said...

super da machaan
engayooooo poitapo
unakkulla ithannala inda mirugam enga da toongindirundudu??
appadiye pongi vaziyara ippo
dhool kalappeeta machaan
keep up the god work :-)

Venky said...

feeling very light after the commments section being filled

Prabhu said...

send this article to any of the sports column in newspapers.a gud chance of freenlance journalism being ur next profession.

gokul said...

couldn get much out of it until i read the last few lines.its good thought.the end seemed to raise my eyebrows cos i was totally in the dark till i got to it.

Karthik Srinivasan said...

one of the best writeups from u till date.. keep it up... It was very thrilling till the last moment :D

But analogy-la oru chinna logic idikudhu.... Kadhaila David oda payyan thaan revenge edukaraan... but namma Indian team kadhaila suicide pannikitavanga aavi(ghost) takes the revenge(like Ramanarayanan movies :D)

Priyanka. said...

hehehe :)

priyanka said...

THE BEST... Really enjoyed reading it..