Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Astrology is one of the major money spinning professions today. How many of us wouldn't have seen or heard, people with their take on how your day is going to be. Almost all satellite channels have their morning slots with one or the other forecast based programmes. You have even the print media giving their forecasts for the day and week.

And why wouldn't anyone capitalise on the huge market that is thrown open. You even have the mobile service providers providing this at a nominal cost.
But I have a different take on astrology. Please don't go ahead if you are a staunch follower of astrology.

Not only I but most of us who have done their schooling, have been taught right from scratch about how to deal with life scientifically. They iterate me to question everything that happens around me and thats the only way i am going to learn . But you always have an antithesis when you are back home. They would ask(rather force) you to accept whatever they do without questioning and the reason atleast i have got for most practices would be " Our forefathers weren't mugs with their lives". Does it mean that practices even though unacceptable would evolve as correct because they are in practice for a lot of years .

There is a school of thought that astrology is a science that can be proved right. Yeah it can be,
but i personally feel that reading a last page of a thriller and probing about your future are the same. Man is a constantly evolving at the mind level. We always learn from experience and are better people everyday , learning from mistakes and more equipped to handle situations , which have shaken us in the past. These may be irrelevant but i have mentioned this to corroborate the fact that "Life is a journey than a destination".

And going ahead assuming that astrology is really scientific , I sincerely don't like that fact that my life isn't under my control. I prefer not to be a pillion so that i can control my vehicle and on a macroscopic level my life. I have grown up with all the lessons that hardwork can take you to horizons that otherwise wouldnt have been possible.

And taking a hypothetical condition that if a person knows he isnt going to have an exiting future, so what's next? The whole hope of succeeding and living is lost.
A Russian author Doestoevesky who was sentenced to death and then was vindicated at the 11th hour. He then went on to write the book called "The Idiot" in which he says that Capital punishment should be abolished , and his rationale behind this was when a person is indicted and put to capital punishment , he loses the Hope for Life . Mankind leverages on hope and when this is lost , living becomes elusive, and spending your time in the cell is better not described .Now when a person gets to know of his future ( through astrology ) and it isnt the way he expects his life to be , he loses the hope towards life and underperforms, thereby having a not so bright life .But few and far between does he realise that it was his lack of effort that has got him here .
This is a vicious circle.

P.S: I am not an atheist , but just a non be
liever of astrology


bestofbala said...

yea, this is a well said point. Though astrology and numerology is science and its interesting by itself, it kills the interest of life for the person on whom its told :)

Why don't they use it for the better of society and stop robbery or mischaps ? :P

Karthik Srinivasan said...

It is not that watever astrology says is foolish or wrong, it has been adapted in a wrong way saying wrong reasons... Instead of using it in a positive way as a science, it is used to predict luck and future of human beings.. This has made it non-science and later non-sense :-D

Anyways, as long as u withhold ur stand on not falling into the ditch, u are safe. btw, a good topic for discussion in OI. :P

CoNfUsEd said...

nice article dude....and i totally agree with what karthik has to say abt it...

keep blogging...