Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asin and me

Like her or hate her but you can never ignore her !!! Bhumika has been my uno for years till asin starred in POKKIRI . There isnt a song these days on tv where i dont watch her till the very end of it. Her whetting looks in pokkiri has made many a guy crazy about her and i fall in that majority of the population. Mostly in the songs like vasantha mullai and thamizh her killer looks takes the audience by surprise as we haven't hitherto seen this glamour quotient from her and she carries this off in style .
And the nail in the coffin for any young guy is the enticing expressions she serves on the platter in the songs and scenes.All you can do is you recoil your jaw back to normalcy as quick as possible before you get embarrassed . Corroborating to this i think she is one of the main stream actress who can act.

More on her i think she isn't that figure conscious emaciated soul and is attractive naturally with the right quantity of adipose at the right places . She has quite a few credits to her name. She has dislodged simran from my books as vijay's best onscreen pair. And it is a rare feat that she even makes me notice her more than vijay in songs (after the 20th viewing though).Vijay has his hands at the right place in tamil cinema.

PS: Bala i am sure u have no competition for 3sha and she is all urs.


RAM said...

Tat was indeed a great work buddy

Asin vaalga

Nice to read tis

keep up tis gud work

andyetitmoves said...

hmmm... wondering how you resisted so far... it has been "aiyoO! aiyoO!!" for me ever since she danced in a song starting the same way in M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi... :p

Venky said...

not that i resisted this long it was just that simi and 3sha were on par and this was jus the ideal look to shift parties ;)

Mily said...

Boy! Its not only guys that find her attractive... Even girls like her. She's beautiful, with a splash of sexiness and intelligence blended together in the right amount. She's someone you can dream about and at the same time take home to your mom too... And last but not the least... I am happy she's a malayali... since i am one.

Karthik Srinivasan said...

I still don't understand u da... Pokiri is one of the worst looks of Asin I have seen till date... Suggest u to see Aalwar songs.. U will find the difference... She looks stunning!!!

Of course, it does matter whom she is co-staring with... For me, when the hero looks junk heroine looks very beautiful :-D

Balachandran C said...

Going by the title - "Asin & Me", I thought you had a sizzling time with her. Disappointed !

Well, note to me in your post reminds me of Thalainagaram Vadivelu's funny dialogue...