Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cat's confusion

Relations are like " The life "
It ain't easy every time !!

There are difficulties at every turn ,
We don't run away from life, but why run away from relations
---------- said Bill's sis

Well for an intro Bill is the little cat that was new to the city and was on a socializing spree He was expectedly a little troubled

Bill seemed to feel a little better

U aren't perfect , nor is anyone else and thats what makes people more likable . Those are the imperfections that make u more attractive . U can try to mend ur character to fit the others' but not change them , cuz tomorrow "others" may be different people

Bill was feeling lighter . and for the first time seemed to believe the theory that the earth keeps moving , felt hellova lot since the last minute. May be he left his sulk and moved along with the earth !!!!!


Goda Ramkumar said...

Nice da....ur writing seems to be improving and getting more philosophical with each blog entry

Venky said...

@ goda

Ratnadeep said...

good da...
ninge eno ankondidde...
ishtu 'ketthogironu' anta gottirlilla. ;)
good work... keep it up :P

Priyanka said...

poonaikkellam oru philosophy vere kaedu! :P

Indicar said...

hey who is bill? cant belive its just ur imagination.. well if it is... its GOOD.

priyanka said...

hey never knew you were philosophical.. Anyways good one..

badri said...
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