Saturday, April 14, 2007

Marathalli Effect(The unknown face of the IT capital)

Marathalli and that side of bangalore may be known for more reasons than one. But one that more often than not tops the list is the volume of dust. U just cant escape this factor. U just cant get ur clothes to dry on the terrace or u cant make urself brave enough to walk out with a white shirt.
Now this atmosphere just having sunk in , Imagine if we had a small drizzle.Usually when u park ur vehicle out, u have to spend a good ten min to wipe the just of the vehicle, and to top it all the roads and the vehicle seemed to have gone to an impatient extreme.
The snaps may just sum it all up. :-D
I havent included the incident when there was a power cut and the over fed mosquitoes (in huge numbers) virtually carried us over, so that the readers dont breakdown. My blog is not for readers to breakdown. I haven't delineated that cuz i dont want this incident to go around as chain email stating each forward would donate some cents to us.

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Goda said...

Some people really need to know this before rejoicing about their job ;)