Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chik tirupathi

My first long trip after we bought the car.We planned to leave at around 8 in the morning and left immediately picking my friend and his mom along with my mom and aunt. We took the white field road and then via channasandra and NH-207 . It is around 40 km from the outskirts of Bangalore.It has decent roads for most of the distance except for a few stretches of road where the road is under construction.
The temple that is generally pretty empty was filled to the brim cuz of the marriage muhurtham that were aplenty.On the whole it was a good place to watch and then while returning we came through sarjapur and thru electronic city etc. The return journey the roads were much better mainly cuz it was a weekend and u wont have the choker traffic in electronic city.

ROUTE (for people who wanna go there)
Route-1 take the road straight ahead ITPL and then go to channadandra and stay on NH207 throughout and then it is on road some 20 km or so from whitefield .
Route-2 Take a left after the electronic city junction on hosur road towards sarjapur and then from there go towards the Mugalur bridge and then follow the board or distance markers(its just the straight roads anyways)

P.S - Unusually photography is permitted in the temple


Karthik Srinivasan said...

Thats gr8 da.. hope u had a great time driving and enjoyed the trip :) Last foto sooper :D

Venky said...

u r the only guy who reads all my posts :-D mikka nanadri

Amuda said...

u look cute in the pic :) and ya description will be useful for many

Venky said...

finally i have someone else to comment also

Balakrishnan said...

the last photo is really good da
nee car kulla okkadirukardu
i need some tips for the blog which i am planning after this trip
so nee ennoda BLOG GURU aayta :-)

gokul said...

since i accompanied him on the pretty impressed with his driving skills on those really pathetic roads and i guess the pic looks cute cos i shot it.

Sudhakar said...

Hi Venky,

Thanks for your comments and details. I am Sudhakar and was looking for some details on Chik Tiruathi.

Your note helps.

Do you have any idea if they also do that shaving of head like in TIRUPATHI. I am planning to do this for my 2 yr old son.

by the way, from the comments, i guess you are a TAM, so am I..

romba nandri:)

Anonymous said...

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