Monday, March 09, 2009

Phoenix - The movies i caught up lately

Why the hell is it called phoenix.. If you follow my blog(I think you are as rare as the dino ;) ) then the previous post was in July last yr.

I think i have run out of topics (Neah, i keep coming up with new ones)
The only explanation can be I am plain LAZY ;)

So i thought i would just share my thoughts the movies that i was able to catch up with offlate(last couple of months)

Dark knight : Kick Ass. Missing more movies, Heath

Knocked up : Katherine Heigl is cute. Little hatke from
all the hollywood romantic comedy i have wathched.Good watch

Pi : Balls to it. If you watch movies to not think too much, please dont
try watchin this one. My subjects in Engg were far more easy to u'stand
If you have watched it and u'stood it please mail me or inform me i shal
call you.

American Beauty: Nice watch. Good to see over 40 men drool at gals(makes me feel all
isnt over as yet)..Doesnt Mena Suvari (daughter's friend) remind you
Emma Watson (Hermoine of Harry Potter fame)

Good luck chuck: Grose at times. Ok ok types. Jessica ALba saved the day. Chuck
reminds me of one of my friends ;)

Harold and Kumar go: Total porikki padam. Felt damn good to see Neil Patrick Harris
to the white castle (How i met your mother fame)

The others : One of the few spooky thrillers that had me glued till the last scene.
The climax being good is one of the best traits of this movie.

Before sunrise: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy made a damn cute couple. Movie that
revolves around just 2 central characters. Very poetic. Though most
of my friends hate it (Gokul i shall give u company on this.)

Ghajini Hindi : Please watch a subtle and realistic portrayal of Sanjay by Surya

100 girls : Same old Teen gimmick love story

Wednesday : Makes you sit back and applaud the director. Naseeruddin shah's portrayal
of the common man was so immaculate. Yeh dil maange more for such quality

Aamir : One more masterpiece. I like this more than the Wednesday though it was
pretty close.Explores the morality of a terrorist. Makes to applaud the
writer for such a good experience

Before sunset : Sequel to Before sunrise. The lead pair's youth gone, romance gone &
your patience goes for a toss too. Somehow the sequel isnt as good
as the first one(how many movies have faltered this way)

The break up: Usual romantic comedy barring the climax.

13B : You have a spooky thriller barring the Tantrics and Mantrics (Unlike Arundathi
which also i wathed ;))It is an urban thriller and to my knowledge pretty original, though reminds you of RING for its involvement of the TV : )

BTW i saw these movies post VILLU, so dont expect me to write what i thought about VILLU :P


Karthik Srinivasan said...

no south indian movies? :S

and wats this? //BTW i saw these movies post VILLU, so dont expect me to write what i thought about VILLU :P ///

very bad i say :x

Balachandran C said...

I had seen no movie listed here. *smug* Except the villu stated in the probable Post script. In my outing with movies, villu was a speed braker. It made me stop watching movies for weeks now !

Venkat said...

Illae pa.. i have been only catching up movies at home. Since piracy will kill the industry in the south , i thought let me pirate stuff that can bear the brunt of me watching movies ;)

Villu... wat to do some manufacturing defect

AMIT said...

I havent seen South Indian movies.

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AMIT said...

Is this English movie?

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