Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How the new Timings is killing me.

Get up
Missed call

Well to sum it all up this is my daily routine for the last month.
I wouldn't be harsh enough to say that it is mundane but just sweet enough to say that it is killing my personality.
For a person who would travel for an hour and a half either ways and can sleep through the journey one may feel it just wouldn't matter when the work timings are placed.
Well, on paper it doesn't matter.
Thats how i planned my day when the announcement of the 8 30 AM work arrival was announced. I convinced myself, " Dude just get up an hour earlier and sleep through the journey"
I just hope it was that easy.

Things i really miss -

Talking awesomely to mom about her dream
Sipping through coffee alongside watching (not reading) BT (Bangalore Times)
Watching NDTV in the morning to catch up with all that happened last night (my dreams don't come on TV, cuz i don't make it public)
relax walk to the cab stop.


Bala said...

inda photo moolama enna solla vara??? ramana at home ? or ramana on the way to office ? or ramana at office ??? :)

Venky said...


Goda Ramkumar said...

Totally totally understand. Moral of the story -: Maths does not work always. Whether it is money or time.

Anonymous said...


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