Sunday, February 28, 2010

Review again!

I have been catching up with some movies lately. I seem to have come back to the normal path of watching (more) movies, but i know i still haven't come anywhere close to what i should or capable of !
Enough of some appraisal-type-talk. Lets get straight in !

Vinnathaandi Varuvaya - Cant help but start from this movie. Just watched it yesterday and cant get it out of my head. The movie is especially a great gift for a tamil audience that has given up (read embraced ) on the cliche ridden pseudo-creativity in its recent films.. The movie has a breezy feel to it. There is of course something usual with all Gautam movies, and that is Love at first sight. But on second thought you feel it better be this way, as they dont waste time getting into the plot.
Frame within a frame has always interested all of us, and this uses similar technique to keeps us glued. The lead pair was refreshing. Simbu for once impressed me. Trisha never fails to though ;)
They look fresh. Somehow looks like this movie is gonna make to head to the screen once again.
Now the thing that sets apart this love story from the rest are... the shades of grey with the lead characters.Trisha's character portrays that so damn well, and the commitment fear that is an integral part of any relations.  - Kudos portraying the characters this way instead of unakkaga-uyire-kuduppaen yaaaaaaaaawn style.

Goa - Venkat prabhu, who gave us Chennai-28 and Saroja somehow failed to give the same punch with this one. I looked at him as the next gen director who gives you loads of entertainment in an unconventional way. Here there is lot kalaaichal and no plot. The star of the previous movies, Premji is hackneyed and you canguess what his mannerism would be. Jai's english is kick-ass though. Yuvan seems to be diluting his work. Worth a single watch but nowhere close to the other venkat's flicks.

Tamil Padam - Awesome is the word. Tamil cinemas patents one of the maximum cliches. Nothing and noone has been spared. It is no lollu sabha and somehow keeps you engaged.
From the family song to the undercover police, rags to riches within a song, intro song etc the director takes care he does not spare you from falling off your seats. But a cliche that tamil padam also conformed to is the "Bambai" heroine.
I cant but not mention the scenes where the hero learn bharatnatyam in a day (Kaadhalan) and the tetra pack on "Kallippal"

Kutty - Mudiyala, valikkudu

Aayirathil Oruvan - What better movie to finish off this blog than AO. Ok here is a director who gives us what he would like to see as a movie. Agreed he doesnt do things subtlely. But this man seems to be one of the most creative script writers in the recent times. He seems to have taken us thru his trailblazing path. If most of the above movies were pure entertainers, this has loads of content. The issue is we have to realize that more the content, it begins to eat into the success. There is something similar with AO that way. He tries to package all the contents into one movie. I certainly loved the movie and have no complains. But if i would want him to gimme more movies like this one, then commercial viability is a must for his movies. This is when trimming parts of the movie helps.
But AO seriously is more of an experience than a movie