Sunday, January 03, 2010

Movies I caught up lately.

Wasn't in a mood to give individual reviews. So felt like putting it all together !

Wake Up Sid ! -  Nice watch. Given a chance would watch it again. Finally we see on screen, something that is an issue to the urban youth. Not very tough to associate with a few characters. An indication that the Indian Cinema wants you to sit back and take notice.

3 Idiots - You can hear enough and more things in the media about the infringement of copyrights. But as a moviegoer who pays the 200 bucks (well yeah i went on a weekend) this is a darling. Feels good to enjoy a movie thoroughly in the theatre. The last time this happened to me was for Saroja !

Anne Hall - A movie recomended by a TV new reporter. It is supposed to be the 70s classic. So quite similar to India, if a movie is interesting we do get rehashes later. So i have seen far too many rehashes and then the original failed to leave a punch.

500 days of Summer - Its about a guy's 500 days with a gal named Summer. It is a very average movie and even brushes with Bad on occasions. But being in a flight often doesn't give a plethora of options and you gotta stick with the ones that are available. Strict MISS

Ugly Truth - Katherine Heigl is cute and Gerard Butler is a live wire. Movie is run of the mill romantic comedy where the opposite poles attract. But a nice watch anyhow. Kept me engaged.

Thoranai - Shriya is smashing. A strict NO again.

Eeram - Slick thriller. Shankar needs a pat on the back to have the balls to produce a movie with supernatural elements, in the era of people with the dude-its-the-computer-generation.

Pasanga - Post Anjali I would recommend this movie to go back to your childhood though its got a rustic feel to it. Very nice 

Nadodigal - Rocks is the only word though you wouldn't understand why the movie was heading nowhere till the climax pops up. Cant believe a megaserial-director worked on this movie. Why was he hibernating there ???