Monday, June 26, 2006

Italy v/s asutralia ( shell shocked)

All u could shout out at the 95+ min was "what the F@#$" .Its not just u or me , it wud have been the reaction of most of the people other than the Azzuries. When Italy more or less dominated the 1st half half and the half went goalless and then the socceroos had the ball rolling for them for most of the second half , i think the game deserverved a better finish than the what we saw . It was a damp squib in terms of the poor refreeing .
This is what i am blogging immediately after watching the match , so i think u guys need to stand the intensity that may ooze outta this .
Ya i had to bow to the bad red card decision against the italians but that by no means equalise the decision for the penalty in the final seconds of the match.
If u guys havent seen a match that changed in teh final seconds on the half , then this was a perfect illustration of what a goof up by the refree can lead to . The commentaors ( harsha bhogle and Co ) were equally shocked by the refree's decsion. One of them said that he had seen such incidents of playing for the penalty and earning it many a time in the italian and the spanish league. He did the same thing here , a person with a kinda ok sight could spot that that totti earned the penalty and tripped when he could have easily crossed the defender.

If u thought that azzuries would have had a cake walk b4 the match started , then u r highly mistaken , cuz it was the strategic cheating that got them thru.
Its not that i didnt want them to win , its just that , i wanted such an enthralling encounter be given its due respect , and finished in a manner where the winning side can take pride in its victory .

for more on that read the following article on CNN IBN


V.S.Narayanan said...

I will have to agree strongly; excellent match though the ending was a let down ; clear dive ; but the azzuris won't mind that will they, hope they get trounced in the quaters

mahesh said...

it was not totti who was tripped it was fabio grusso, that shows how keenly u watched the match and then write blog on it,why u write blog when italy play bad write blogs even when brazil play bad as they are doing all this tournament,with so much talent and so less perfomnanace to show.

Venky said...

Name is wrong is all u can say but cant say what they did wasnt wrong.
how quibble

gokul said...

well i know u r completely anti italy but ya...i din like the nway italy heart went out to the aussies butclearly italy was the better team and deserved 2 win.....fortune favours the brave

Anonymous said...

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