Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FiFA and technology

I know the title never sounds like antonyms , but in reality it persuades u to feel this way . WHy does FIFA shy away from Technolgy thats begging to be used . U have almost all games that seek the help of technology for corroboration of the on field evidence but the game which involves teh maximum money shies away from it .Huge paradox !
U have the penalty to Italy , today's Adriono's Offside , and even the Cafu's offside and what not . In a day u can get more than half a dozen instances that make the game more unfair and susceptible to humar error. Over all why will i ever forget the "Hand Of God " ( ya we never had he tech those days as we have now. )

If its the time constraint that FIFA has in its mind , very sorry , we can watch a game for 2 or even 2.5 if its played fairly with stop timers. That shouldnt be the barrier in a game that involves huge money and the public sentiment .

All we want is a good game of football thats fought fairly. When wil this strike to FIFA or if i am not well informed abt the reason , please comment


bestofbala said...

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gokul said...
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gokul said...

some reasons for tat
1)they don wanna spoil the whole excitement and the speed of the game.ppl watch football a lot cos the avg game lasts for only 90 mins..i personally have seen a lotta ppl migrate from cricket 2 footbll cos its faster.its full of excitement and fun.just like a wham Bham.
now consider using 3rd umpires for offsides and disciplionary actions.its just like having lbw desicions referred to 3rd umpires...would spoil the whole game.with technical expertise every game would be played fairly and let me tell u the whole excitement wud never be is more than skill.its luck on a given day.and i certainly am against technology being incorporated into sport mainly football cos most of them wud then be sent off for disciplinary action or for trying to blame the opponent for no fault of the latter. to put it in barthez's words "it would just screw the game's rythm".to sum it up i think its better to leave the game as it is cos most of it love it the way it is.
2)i cant think of any more
this shouldnt be placed in the comments section...its rather my first blog..

gokul said...

and mainly we would miss out on those moments where we talk about wat if tat 1 was ruled an would just be so organised and clean which i guess is not most football lovers want...ya i accept ppl on the losing side get furious sometimes but there r days when u get the rub of the green.