Monday, June 12, 2006


If u have heard all the bad reviews on puduppettai and u were searching for the 1 good review , u have followed the right link . This is nt an effort to buck up a losing movie cuz its collected more than invested and isnt a loss in any propotion , its just what i feel abt the movie and a person who is ready to provide u realistic movies at the cost of his image .
Yeah i mean selvaraghavan . He has totally broken the tamizh cinema "sampradhayam " to give u a realistic portrayal , rather an insight into a gangster's life . I wont be givin u a summary of what the story or the plot is like , cuz i think its a journey thru a person's life . Just when i thought that i'll start giving just the pluses and the minuses of a movie , i feel like giving more on his movie .

Now all the compalints about the movie can be , why will person do like this ?
how can a person be so ruthless?
What makes him do this ?
where does this rage come from?

People who havent liked the movie always find it tough to relate themselves to this character and find a lot of such unanswered questions . But the foremost thing u need to do is know that he is a gangster and u r not . So u obviously won't be able to associate urself with him. With this in mind , if u step into the theatre u r bound to enjoy the visual treat .

here is a link who asks so many questions .
But please u need to know what happens to their life b4 we shoot out these kinda questions . U know that prostitutes an subject to inhumane treatment and this has been in media . It just makes me wonder how can a famous website be so naive .

Now to the + and the +


1) Arvind krishna's offbeat cinematography . He just rox with never seen b4 kinda visuals. He
Single handedly gives ur ticket's worth .Be it wide lens shots or teh dawn and dusk shots ,
2) Yuvan shankar raja is a major factor y ppl thronged to theatres cuz his music was a sensation
much b4 the movie released .
3) Selva's bold narration and characterisation.
4) Dhanush's performance .


1) Length of the 2nd half
2) Climax that glorified the villian

But to me i feel that this is the 1st movie where the gangster is treated as a gangster and not a godfather who helps the poor outta trouble . The life span of a gangster is 10 yrs at the max and this accentuates the same.
I have to applaud selva for his bold script and realistic portrayal . He jas it in him to turn the tables of tamizh cinema


Nithish Dharmakkan said...

I Truely agree...
An Awesome Exhibition f Filmography!!

Bharathwaj said...

Nice review... In fact I would say the best part you have got out of the movie is "I wont be givin u a summary of what the story or the plot is like , cuz i think its a journey thru a person's life ." True... Very true... Selva more or less dwelves on how his characteristics and mannerism changes as he gains power. The best exhibit for that would be the scene in which he openly shouts back at the politician when he is denied a seat...
Good review... Keep posting. By the way I was directed to this through your membership in the community "Selvaraghavan" in Orkut...


bestofbala said...

I wanted to write on this. Curse my did it before me !

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