Sunday, June 25, 2006


For a person who didnt like the theme parks to one who wants to go there within a week's time , its wuite a huge turn around.It could have been the low quality if theme parks that i had been earlier that may have turned me off. I have abstained from visiting the ones that have sprang up offlate. But this place (Wonderla) thats about 28 km drive from b lore, is the one that turned my opinions on these theme parks . Its got a wide gamut of dry( scray) ones and the water (enjoyable ) ones.

These just take responsibilty that the child within u peeps out . The hygiene in the park is something that needs to be lauded for. For a place thats full of water and foot marks they have invested quite a few people ro maintain its neatness. I personally enjoyed the water games and refrained from those scray twists and turns that are engineered magnificently. I'd prefer to keep the blog short cuz its more fun to be than to read .But for first timers , there is 1 thing i'd recommend .Other than the rides , dont miss the cine magic and the Bird's eye giant wheel . The cine magic seems to be simulated to perfection that gives u a 1st hand experience of a bumpy ride and then teh giant wheel is sth thats better experienced than said .

At last i think this trip was a wonderful equaliser , in terms of real life nervous ppl seemed to possess more courage whereas the alleged brave ones seemed to chicken out ( as i did )

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Goda Ramkumar said...

Good one da....As I have exprienced it I can agree with everything u have written...