Monday, May 07, 2007

BILL 's Realization

" Bill u r the best thing that could have happened to me " said his mom

Oh was i ever so important to others and having done nothing big to her , mulled Bill
Is it mothers that are so self contended of their offsprings or is it anything by them seems good.
Bill got into the pensive mode.
' There have been relations in my life where i have seemed to give more than what i could expecting i'd get them back someday and i kept expecting , and here my mom ( she may have been this matured and a level headed CAT ) seems to be more than happy with even the negligence i provided.
And this day i bent over backwards for a small work which was pretty trivial of wat i was capable of , and she seems to be elated.
Just imagine if i were to give my maximum to her. '
The very thought , gave impetus to B I L L ! ! ! !


prabhu said...

This should be made a must read notice in every old age home before ny other formality

Indicar said...

good one!!!

Goda Ramkumar said...

It pricks!