Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Well the word HOT got another example in my dictionary , well thats HYD ..
U travel all over in an ac car and then get into a house that is on the 5th floor and still feel the heat wave , then the very thought about the homeless people there makes u squirm.
Yeah the roads in the new hyd are broad and the apartments seem more organised but it has its own share of glitches , but thats what makes a city more enjoyable .

u can watch the snaps HERE

And yeah the individual places u could go shopping are the charminar (but please remember not to bargain )
The Birla mandir also has its set of shopping spots

If u are a movie freak just dont miss the Ramoji film city. It just rocks and u would be able to relate to so many of the shots u have watches on the movie screens

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Karthik Srinivasan said...

Well, u could have visited Golconda Fort where Pokiri's pre-interval long fight scene was picturised... :-D No, not for that, its definitely worth a watch :-) Anyway, hope u had a great time and a nice vacation :)