Wednesday, May 23, 2007


How does a smoker convince himself to smoke....
-> Oh shit my dad's bought these ITC shares and if there is something i
can do to make his finances better it s this (what he spends for
his sutta is unaccounted adn FYI ITC isnt more domains than just tobacco)

-> If these Maiden songs can give me high by plain listening, just
imagine the intensity if i were high . Thats the true repect i
give to this classy band.

->When on the company bench ::::: Man i ll stop smoking once I get my
hands on some work, this idleness is killing me and driving me to smoke

->When working :::::: I cant handle this pressure , i need a smoke. That
would relax me make me work more efficiently

->My gal how could she ever do this to me . Cant stand the pain , dont
know who but has rightly said "pain in the body is much better than pain
in the mind " so this statement kinda sums up what i am going thru .

-> Because i am quitting(smoking) from monday (that is day after ) i
better smoke all i can before i quit .

-> I aint gonna live for 200 yrs . So if i smoke 1 which reduces 3 min of
my life , i am one of the lucky few who get to decide my destiny amidst
ppl who think GOD does it for us.

->If smoke a day reduces 3 min of ur life then work reduces 9 hrs of ur
life a day , 3 min and 9 hrs arent comparable on any scale .

->Now that Rajnikanth has stopped smoking on screen , who is gonna teach
the next generation to to smoke the right way. What if they injure
themselves trying to experiment , the wrong way (so for the sake of the
future generation)

->Just think of that corner shop guy.He is supported by his wife and 2
daughters . How selfish can i get by thinking of just me and not about the
people around me .

->Wieght Loss ;)


ratnadeep said...

so wat's ur choice? how do u convince yourself to smoke??

prabhu said...

Machaan i need a smoke

prabhu said...

Reading dis article gives me another excuse to smoke

Anonymous said...

i'm amazed that one can come up with so many reasons!

indicar said...

i hate smokers.. n i wondered why they smoke.. gottu to know now why they smoke..

Indicar said...

"smoke karne walon ko smoke karne k bahane chahiye"..

Priyanka said...

The average person who stops smoking requires one hour less sleep a night.
isn't that a good reason to stop smoking? :D
(considering you're so busy that you need extra hours in a day :P)

Goda Ramkumar said... wat made u smoke that day da????...anyways where did u get this from...the fact that this blog got so many comments itself shows how interesting it is :D....rajanikanth thing was too much

badri said...
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Harish said...

Ada paavi :(

MaVeRicK said...

Ah these idiosyncrasies.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged... for details, refer to the post titled "Tagged!" on my blog-


Gautam said...

gud one i ve got loads of things i ve gotta say 2 all ma friends who ask "y in world..."

Motorolan said...

Hmm... Interesting!!

I smoke because I feel good when I do that :)

Guilty pleasure, you can say!!