Thursday, May 04, 2006

bangaram review

With the title slide of the movie boasting of names like Dharani , Pawan Kalyan ,
Sri Surya movies (A.M.Rathnam) , Vidyasagar , V.T.Vijayan and if the first half an hour of the movie was anything to go by this movie should have been the biggest blockbuster for some time now. But as the movie progresses , you'll realise that all the above touted factors have worked their way out to make the movie as cliche and "let down" as possible .

The movie revolves around the never-told-before(pun intended) theme of factionism. The movie starts of impressively with pawan kalyan aka Bangaram organising a dare devil interview with the assam terrorist outfit , but the movie loses its fizz gradually . The plot in a nutshell is about how bangaram tries hard to unite the separeted lovers ( i hate this words being phrased this way ) .
Bangaram circumstansially ends up in Karnaul , where factionism is on a high. The characterisation of the factionist groups is portrayed , like you would feel they would soon develop a software to keep track of the in depth details of the alleged "martyrs" in the bloody duels.

I wont reveal any other information about the story ( obvious that i dont wanna think more as wat the story could have been ) . A.M.Rathnam would have imagined that the subject of factionism would have enough impetus for the crowds to throng , but looks like it ll be the opposite ( i wouldnt like to commit myself to this cuz i cant trust the taste of Andhra ) .
This one of the very few examples , where a movie isnt very great but u still dont feel the length ( its we ll over 3 hrs) .


Well i had to be a hell a lot optimistic to be pointing the pluses of the movies .
I could point out 4 good pluses in the movie .
Pawan Kalyan ::: Vidyasagar ::: The child artiste ( the heroine's sis)::: Camera work (Gopinath)

Pawan has the X factor in him that will still make u go and watch him in the big screen . You would feel what i say is true when u witness the crowd enthusiasm even after a hatrick of flops .His stunts that are his trade mark and his natural self in terms of comedy and acting seldom lets him down and even here he somehow manages to be the silver lining in this movie .
Vidyasagar with his peppy tracks sporadically wakes the audience up( well this is left to ur discretion , depending on what ur taste is ) .
For me the biggest find would be the girl who comes as the heroine's sister . From minute expressions to emotions , she seeems to outshine most in the movie . Accolades to the girlie .
Gopinath's camera tries hard to keep u glued to the screen


Well i wont speak in detail and bore you guys off . I will just mention it .
To me the biggest letdown is dharani ( director) , having displayed his prowess in over 3 movies , this movie just negates them all . Screenplay is banal and nothing new, except for a scene here and there .
The villains and the henchmen of the opposing groups seem to have deafening effect on the audience.
The climax and the whole concept of swapping the bride is puke level .

The comedy is nt great or bad . Serves no purpose either . Looks like we need a break from factionism and try to delve on subjects that are a little different. Atleast i have had enough of chest thumping , thigh slapping and reiterating the "poguru and pourusham of a rayalseema manushi"
The movie seems very likely to lose out to POKIRI that realeased a week earlier , and seems to have enough reason for a movie goer to shower repeated visits .

P.S Looks like vijay has selected the wrong movie to remake again .

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Karthik Srinivasan said...

Poor soul Pawan Kalyan.. Soon to become poor soul Vijay.... I pity them both :-(