Monday, May 01, 2006


When you are totally bugged on a sunday afternoon and you are left with no other option but a movie, If u are quail whether you would get tickets on a sunday , no apprehensions , u'll definitely get . But 9 outta 10 of u wud have felt it was better to stay home than risk urself on this .

Not disparaging the movie any more ( what else am i left with ) , the movie has its good moments but somehow the pace of the movie militates its good story . Now the plot is about a girl Simran , the lady love of the international gangster is enebriated every other day and aakash (emraan hashmi) provies her the moral support , and the shoulder she needs , and then the relation takes predictable twists and ends on an unexpected note ( i know anurag basu , the director wud do the narration better , cuz he's a professional ) .

The pluses first ( you ll know i am a very optimistic person after you watched and read this ).
You d say that the role of ganster daya ( shiny ahuja ) stands out . This guy has a very few lines and yet stands out with his expressions. Next emraan wont let fans like me down and he impeccably knows y i venture to watch his movies . He has a few torrid kisses and may very soon at this rate earn the distinction of the "most played ground ( his lips) ".Well the most important plus is that u r in for a surprise if u'd expect gunshots in a movie called Gangster (kinda misnomer), cuz its a love triangle . And a couple of songs are good.

Well that was all i could take solace of in this movie.

Well now for the minuses( i'd better make the list short, i dont wanna bore others u c ) . The heroine despite the decent performance here and there , is totally unphotogenic . She ( or her dubbing artiste ) screams more often than keeps silence. The screenplay is kinda cliche with betrayal of the lover . Emraan Haashmi never seems to find a girl of his own .She either is married or has a boyfriend . The pace of the movie(biggest drawback ) and rerecording form hurdles to the movement of the movie.

With all said and done i wud recommend u guys to venture out if u have loads of time hanging on u or have no other commendable job to do , cuz its definitely not worth managing time and postponing schedules


prem said...

dai machan.. kalakku da.. increase ur blogging activity to an extent that u can face the camera and become like madan..
We all will support u in this.

CoNfUsEd said...

thanx da....was thinkin of watchin this movie tat i've read yr review, i guess i wont..

anyways...i agree wit prem :p
y dont u try yr hand in the movies da?? i am serious....!!!

Karthik Srinivasan said...

Rediff review says exactly opposite of wat u said... And first time I saw 3.5 stars for a Hindi movie from Rediff. Were u awake throughout the movie? :P

Anyways the pace was the minus point pointed out by rediff. But was it so bad that it spoiled watching pleasure? And the heroine was greatly appreciated in the reviews... Donno, y ppl refuse to accept an unconvenmtional face for a heroine!!! :)