Tuesday, May 16, 2006

exam time

Its been quite some time since i blogged .
but now when i wanna blog , its the peak time when we have to spend excruitiating hours before the text , so that i can advance to the next level of my life

will get back to browsing and to my usual self after my exams . gets over in 2nd week of june


Karthik Srinivasan said...

dei, chumma don give pose like u r struggling hard and reading.... trailer oatinadhu podhum..Its time for the show now :D

bestofbala said...

aiyoo paavam. :-P

This reminds me of Trisha's horlics ad or something where she wore a saree!!

Are you asking whats connectiong btw that and this blog..donno..iam jus thinking of her too much these days

Anonymous said... many rehearsals did u ahve the snap?...because u really look like u r struggling...u would not have done it first shot as u dont have practice...

badri said...

u shud have atleast posed with a text book..tat looks ur project report,now dont tell me ur studying for the exams fromur project report!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why aren't u wearing the gogles??