Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chittiram Pesudhadi -- About the violence of love ?

With less than a handful of technicians u know , and a shoe-string budget, all u could expect was a low profile love story that has a very low probabilty of enticing your taste buds .

But bang!!! director mishkin takes your heart for a ride on a few occassions . He just gives you the movie that is least hyped about and this believe it or not works for the movie . The movie goes at a good speed but keeps a low profile throughout except on a couple of occassions , where the screenplay peaks and so do you inevitably. The director had immense guts to break free from the usual image oriented movies that come out every alternate day and even break the shackles when it comes to parent sentiment .

I am not gonna be a spoilsport to spill the beans over to narrate the story . I want most of u to go throught the roller coster ride that i went through last night ( after watching the movie ) .

Now to sum up the artists who infuenced me hard that i wouldnt think twice to revere them . I wont be relentless to mention the director after the lead , cuz they say that the director is the captain of the ship and this ship has coasted safely and impressively too . He has in him the adept mind that is inexorable to a narrator . He makes the audience dance to his tunes. Then the lead pair narain ( aka sunil in malayalam ) and bhavana ( malayali too ) . They seem to have a good head on shoulders to carry this script neatly ( this is nothing new as we have seen that people from Kerala seem to have the natural talent that makes them get noticed wherever they go) . Narain and bhavana epitomise their respective characters , and makes you feel that they are THE best choice . The music director Sundar C Babu , proves his mettle with a duet and in-tune-with-movie kinda rerecording.Then its the camera work by Mahesh , who gives the whole movie the feel required and the picturisation of the duet is worth a mention.

The climax as to reveal the real narain was simply breathtaking . The movie ends though in a cliche format that kollywood has perfected over the years .

With all this with a good script and narration Chittiram Pesudhadi is a undoubted winner , but the crowds throng the theatres for the one and only song( topping any countdown ) by GANA ULAGANATHAN , without a reference to whom i cant write a review. He is the only reason the crowds thronged in and but Mishkin has taken ample care to see that people dont get just that .


ajju said...

Exactly, this movie is mindblowing, where it has some expected lines in the story and also a tantalizing twist were ppl get to know the efficiency of this movie.... The curves n peaks are understandable but, will always wait for the next move to happen.
Had great fun, so expect every one to watch this movie.

bestofbala said...

hmm.good review... i've heard its a good movie too.. but, enna pandradhu time laedhu to watch it ...