Monday, April 17, 2006

Devathai Kandaen

My cable TV just aired this movie today afternoon. I generally avoid watching dhanush movies after "sullan" which explored new potentials in me in terms of patience .Well sitting through sullan , i would still consider one of my most relished accomplishments. I even purportedly obviated this movie( though i had seen the 100 days poster in Udhayam theatre) when it was put on Sun TV , cuz i knew it would again one of those let downs that dhanush is known to give offlate.

But believe me , i was surprised as i continued to sit back watching the entire movie.I some how like the essence of the movie and the plot per se. The story in a nutshell , Babu an orphan who goes around selling tea , and a college gal Uma fall in love due to circumstantial twists. But she moves ahead in life to realise that this wont be possible to go ahead with the relation , and opts to marry an NRI. Dejected Babu files a suit against her and finally when she gets to know of what actually Babu means to her she decides to marry him , but he refuses and gives a set of reasons for it.

Now i ll start with the elements that made me like the movie . I basically liked the characterisation in the movie . I wouldnt have been able to accept the concept if Babu wasnt an orphan and the dialogue where he says that its like being taken from an orphan and into a relation and then being dropped back to an orphan again , is the most painful journey. Dhanush to me emoted awell and fits in the role that looks tailor-made for him . Looks like a normal guy u would see on the streets selling tea.
The film has its own share of glitches , that is to be taken(sportively) as a part and parcel of today's commercial movies . I was irritated with the scene wheren he is drunk and tries to suicide during the valentine's day party.It was a neat movie which had its roots in human sentiments and tries to delineate why you should consider all options before you jump to a conclusion.Even Uma's character reflects today's youth who jump to decisions and then rue over it . It has good dialogues and over all i feel this film which is watchable once if u are able to put urself in the protagonist's shoes .
Not to forget the comedy in the first half in the form of 4 ppl chasing and knitting plans to woo the girl is rib tickling .

Why i liked the movie so , much even i dont know . My be the dialogues that stand apart from the usual punch dialogues that i am daily fed with . I even liked a couple of songs .From the azhagey bramhanidam , to ungappa pathalum bayam

P.S I dont write reviews cuz i watch movies by heart dont try to ask a lot questions. I go through the motions of the movie and enjoy it .

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Karthik Srinivasan said...

It is a good movie but the slow screenplay spoils the pace many times... But, much much better than Dhanush movies like Pudhukottai Saravanan :-)