Saturday, April 01, 2006


(rotection) O(f) L(aw) I(n) C(ivil) E(stablishments)
Police these days has becomes synonymous with atrocious activities and an epitome of immoral behaviour. From the Jessica's tampering with evidence to the loads of money recovered from the bangalore police , the image of Poilce has taken a beating.I and most of us would agree that police more or less these days has very unethical mode of action and neither of us would barge into a police station cuz we fear losing more after entering ,than before .All said and done i am not going to blog about the cliche " how bad the police are ", but would like to point out a few positives that i find in the police.

The first and the foremost i feel that Police are the only wing of the indian executive service that havent gone on a huge nation wide strike . We have seen the food and civil supplies, the postal etc go on strike but never has the police done such an act. If done, the knock-on-effects are better not mentioned.

Then we just had the controversy where the doctor files a suit against the name of VasoolrajaMBBS , that it was depracating the social status of the doctors. Then the Lawyers went on the same lines about their professions being showed in bad light in "SIVAKASI". But how many times hasnt the Police faced such a situations on screen. From the early 80 s till the movies that enter the boxes today , have atleast a farce on the police and the policemen. But the Police seems to have taken it in good spirit.

They have night duties where they cant spend with their loved ones (i mean the sincere breed of officers). And the police plays a phenomenal role in maintaining the Law and order of the country.

There are a lot of unscrupulous officers but , taking all the credit away would be only next to what they commit. You do have a good number of ppl who wanna accomplish .


Karthik Srinivasan said...

Enakku Police-na rombo bayam pa... anyways, kadamai thavaraadha kanniyamaana police ellarukkum oru salute!!! :-)

iniyaval said...

aiyo! kamal sikkunu irukarle- :) i am waiting to see the movie with jo in it! :) cant wait..

Venky said...

may be i shud have put some ugly looking foto, now that the foto has been noticed and not the post :(

indicar said...

hmmm...ek gandi machi pure talaab ko kharab kar deti hai..everybody has a -ve notion abt POLICE..u highlighted something which was overlooked...