Sunday, April 02, 2006

Life at an appliacation layer

Have been getting feedbacks about not writing anything phylosophical in the blogs. So i'll jus start away with one. A major inspiration to my post would be my prof at college who just cant teach the subject without a real life mapping about the topic. If u havent got what i said ,just go ahead and read the post, u ll understand it urself.

Life when looked from the uppermost layer would be enjoyable and easy to understand, something like the application layer in the network layers.Like it doesnt take a lot of ur grey energy to understand the email that is in plain english and needs just a prior knowledge of english. But similar to the analogy as u go deep and deep into either life or the layers , obscurity slaps you ruthlessly.

The more u try to know about life , the more u feel u dont know. Just imagine if u were in the bottommost layer of the network layers and u just see the 1's and 0's passing across , how many of us can actually decode the meaning . The same holds good even for life , when u try to go the root, the more obscure it gets. Yes there are people who understand that , but the number is miniscule compared the ones who dont make sense of it.

Stayin at the upper surface may not satisfy ur quest to know more about life, but will make ur stay on earth enjoyable.

Think i have kept this post SUCCINT (so as to not bore the readers)


Karthik Srinivasan said...

thats y we shud stop with enjoying the cream of life.. u need not get into lower layers to understand things as long as u r "APPLYING THOUGHT" sitting in the upper layer :-D

Venky said...

dei enga ponaalum WIPRO matter vida maattiyaa?

indira said...

not again!!!sorry to say.. it was boring