Sunday, April 23, 2006

paradox of life

Life has always been an oxymoron to me . But offlate it seems to be peaking . I just saw a packaged tour on CNN IBN about the adventure tourism of New Zealand organizing a couple of amazing tour iterinaries. Went online and checked the price and the plan came upto 40k , so was already contemplating it . Life had just taked me to the helm of imagination when this foto u see , slapped me hard .

I at one end am think of splurging upto half a lakh when that money can just feed a lakh children for a day . This is something thats been in my mind for quite some time as to where do i draw a line b/n the 2 .

I strongly feel that poverty during the youth is cruicification. Ur mind cant accept ur inabilties of being under normal . U see hedonistic life style on one side and on the other u struggle for a meal per day . Its like the mirror which u can see but cant have a solid form .

All u can do is curse God for having made this big a bias on different people, and claiming that all are his children. Its only the disbelief in God that would get better of u .


Kavitha said...

So true Venky.. Its just so painful to c our fellow beings suffering.. but i feel each indiviual can make a difference.. but not all hav dat humanity.. instead of complaining abt god lets do wat v can n am sure v can help those needy.

Karthik Srinivasan said...

Ppl shud remember this still whenever they waste food everyday or spend 100 bucks in a costly eatout for an item, which they are gonna consume only half.

On the philosophical side, Wealth and health are always unevenly distributed all over the world. If the rich and poor communities are abolished, this world will become a heaven. To strike a balance in everything, God has created world like this. Otherwise if everyone gets everything no human can be satisfied.

Mili said...

Hmm,well written but i guess there is lot more to life than we know right now.Money was created by us.Not by god.Early men that came into existence were all the same right.Its us who have brought this differenciation into existence and given loads and unnecessary importance to money.Anyway,u can always travel and have fun in life at the same time know how to help reduce this difference in financial status between the varied lot.Maybe tutoring/financing a kid's education is an amazing start.Its like u can be a drop in the making of a large ocean of social service.