Sunday, April 02, 2006

Energy crisis

U wont see a newspaper in india that doesnt carry an information abt the N deal that India and US finalised. Well i d like to aggregate a few things i have read and learnt abt this issue over the years.
India on the ground level is very thermal intensive energy production, and cant boast of a lot of hydrocarbons and nuclear fuel. India hence is a major importer of oil , from the middle east.

Now staying with the oil , how many of us know that Russia is the biggest producer of oil.But due its strategic location to the poles, burns most of its oil to keep itself warm. This also makes it consume most of the oil it produces. Next as we all know is the Saudi and then Iran. Saudi has been an US ally for most of its history , and with the turkey as the fulcrum , US drives its quest for fuel. Iran and US have been on loggergheads since the time i have been reading the papers over the nuclear issue.

If u wud ask me who wud be a reliable long term energy partner Iran or US , i d say neither!!
i'll delineate y .
India has been buying oil from the middle east for decades now . Iran also has the 3rd largest reserve of nuclear fuel. But Iran also boasts of political anarchy. So India always ends up paying the price for fuel they ask us to(due to political instability and change of power). And Iran lacks the infrastructure to capture the natural Gas. So when the plan for the Iran pipeline went ahead , US had to play the Big brother and intervene to say that" if we invade iran then the safety of the pipeline isnt our responsibilty". This put India onto the backfoot, cuz Iran hasnt been conforming to the IAEA , and its imminent that US attacks Iran, and cant afford to lose billions of money for this.

So if india were to look at US as the strategic partner , for nuclear fuel, the congress(US) seems to have a problem. But India desparatly needs N fuel , or otherwise the N weapons would decay if not kept running. So presently US is the only source for N fuel for india.
The hook wud be that India has to get the weapons under the purview of the IAEA , adn if this is done, india wud lose the millitary secrets and all of them wud be exposed which wud be a threat to the national security.

How India is going to deal with the Unreliable partners is what will test the diplomatic mantle of the ruling party !!

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