Monday, April 10, 2006


If u were one of those guys who were kinda perturbed about what would happen to music directors who have great tunes but won't have a singer as versatile as S.P.B (S.P.Balasubramanium) in the future , can have a breather. This guy from chennnai seems all prepared to take over from SPB left and deservedly so.Yeah, this may be hard to believe. You may even say that i have decided a little too early , but not after u have listened to his voice taking songs of diverse backgrounds going straight to ur brain, signalling u to close ur eyes.
He was introduced by ARR in STAR ( a prashanth starrer) where he sounded no diffferent from recent crop of young singers . But shot to immediate stardom when he sang for the Superstar's BABA (again composed by ARR).

Now when u find most of the singers drenched in the showers of the past fame and losing their future projects , u saw karthik being prudent enough not to commit this , and sang for all leading heroes and got another dimension to his talent when he worked under ilayaraja for Azhagi and that song that drove home the point to the critics that he is an entity in tamil music who was gonna stay , and not the ephemeral blip .

Now about the various facets to his voice , he excels in almost any song he's been entrusted with.Be it bringing the roof down or soft melodies. Just take the song in Azhagi ( melody that wud remain in hearts forever) or the fast paced Gf song in Boys. From Hindustani in anarkali(kangalal kaidhu sei ) to the carnatic or even the dappanguthu(in Run with theradi veethiyil) .( and i ve been off my heels for his voice in "oru malai" in gajini and "kangal kalangida" in oru kalluriyin kadhai). He also can modify his voice at ease , an area where SPB excelled . And the pivotal aspect of his singing is his impeccable pronunciation of the language be it tamil , telugu, hindi, or kannada.

And most of all i feel his voice has the life that is the quintessential factor for a singer to stay in ur hearts even after he is not there . An artist stays within us when he isnt with us in the form of his art . Well if karthik could only add a few varieties of songs to his basket , i feel there is not stopping this young kid as he is all ready to take the country by storm with his voice .

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Karthik Srinivasan said...

Karthik is indeed a versatile singer and has claimed himself the top spot among today's young crop of singers. There is hardly any film album these days that doesn't feature his voice. My favourite is "Aval Ulaga Azhagiye" from Laysa Laysa.

And good that he is out of Rahman's camp at an early stage, because there are many singers whose musical journey ended with Rahman camp alone ;-)